Luer Lock Safety Syringe (100)

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OverviewUsageFeatures range of safety syringes without needles are compatible with all types and makes of hypodermic and blunt needles on the market, ensuring users can remain safe from needlestick injuries regardless of which needles they use. All our safety syringes within this range are manually retractable and incorporate the patented locking ring and “NO GAP” design, providing users with one of the safest methods of working available. All our safety syringes also come individually packed in sterile blister packaging.

Step 1 – Push

Use syringe in normal way. NO-GAP technology will prevent activation during initial expulsion of air. When fluid/drug is administred, push the plunger down until a small “click” is heard and felt.


Step 2 – Pull

Safety mechanism has now been activated. Pull the plunger and needle back into the barrel until another “Click” is heard and felt.


Step 3 – Snap

The plunger is now permanently locked into place and the needle is safely locked in the barrel of the syringe. Snap of the protruding part of the syringe plunger and dispose of in a clinical waste bag. Dispose of safe syringe and needle into a sharps container.


Feature Benefit
Effective and controlled manual retraction safety mechanism controlled retraction speeds, prevents needlestick injuries, reduces/eliminate splatter, no risk of accidental activation
Simple and Easy Single-handed activation allows for activation even in fast paced environment, hands remain behind needle
Visual and audible confirmation of safety activation simple confirmation of secure and successful activation of safety mechanism
Special silicon lubrication smoother plunger movement
Exclusive and patented NO-GAP design prevents accidental activation of safety mechanism
Exclusive and patented secure locking ring ensures safety activation is completely irreversible
Special designed plunger with fit tip reduces dead space, reduces/eliminates wastage
Secure luer lock fitting compatible with all types of hypodermic and blunt needles, ensures any attached needles are securely fitted
Highly transparent barrel with bold and precise scale allows for quick and accurate dosage measurements
Semi-transparent needle hub for quick flashback observation
Wide flanges improved comfort and stability
High quality individual blister packaging maintains high level of sterility and device integrity
CE-marked and FDA-approved guaranteed quality and performance