Oral Dispensing Syringe with Tip Cap (100)

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Sentra Medical has formed a partnership with one of the World’s leading syringe manufacturers, for the supply and distribution of a comprehensive range of oral dispensing syringes.

Our range of high-quality CE-marked and FDA-approved oral syringes are designed for the safe and rapid administration of oral medication, and have specially engineered hubs that cannot be easily or securely connected to standard IV lines and cannot accommodate a needle attachment, thus reducing/preventing the risk of medication dosing and administration errors

Our oral syringes are available in three different version to meet all the clinical needs of healthcare organisations: Clear, Purple and Amber.

Pack size: 100

Our oral dispensing syringes are designed to be used for oral/enteral feeding, as recommended by the NPSA guidelines, which is available to download here.

Feature Benefit
Special Tip Design – for the prevention of wrong-route administration
Clear Dose Scale – for accurate volume confirmation
Availability of Purple Coloured Barrels – recognised colour for oral syringes
Availability of Amber Coloured Barrels – designed for the protection of light-sensitive drugs
All products are latex-free – no risk of allergic reactions from patients
CE-marked and FDA-approved – guaranteed quality and performance