Retractable Safety Scalpel (10)

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Our wide range of disposable safety retractable blade scalpels provide protection to users at all times. Non-retractable scalpels leave blades exposed during use. However, a lot of retractable safety scalpels on the market simply lock the blade permanently once retracted, meaning the users cannot temporarily cover the needle during use. Users therefore often have to leave blades exposed until they have completed their procedure, meaning they are still a risk from a sharps injury. In addition, complex mechanisms often mean safety scalpels are not activated and blades are left exposed, causing further unnecessary injuries.

The SAFhandle™ disposable safety retractable scalpel incorporates an innovative safety mechanism that allow the users to easily move the blade back and forth into the scalpel casing during use thus minimising the exposure of users to the blade. Then, once the procedure is completed, the blade can easily be pulled completely back into the scalpel handle and permanently locked in.

For added safety, SAFhandle™ disposable safety retractable scalpels are fitted with SAFhandle™ round tip safety blades to provide protection even when scalpels are in use.

Step 1: For Use – Extend button fully forward in the direction of the arrows. The blade will be exposed and locked in the use position. Tactile sensation and audible sound confirm locking. Stability, security and control in use.


Step 2: To Pass – Retract button inside handle and sight notch with indicator line. The scalpel can now be safely passed and can be reused as needed. Minimised risk during passing and procedure.


Step 3: To Dispose – Retract button to the pass position. Then pull the button further back until a positive click is heard. The scalpel is now locked ready for disposal. Steadfast and audible disposal lock. Disposal status easy to verify on reverse side.


Feature Benefit
Retractable blade, safety mechanism simple and intuitive design, little or no training required, prevents sharps injury
Single handed activation allows for activation even in fast paced environment, hands remain behind blade
Incorporated SAFhandle™ round tip safety blades enhanced safety during use, reduced risk of sharps injury even when blade exposed
Three detent position allows blade to be covered without locking (1st and 2nd detent), blade then locked when procedure completed (3rd detent)
Steadfast disposal lock locking mechanism prevents re-use, visual and audible confirmation of successful locking of blade
Premium grade, graduated plastic handles with, rigid blade guard strengthens blade, enhances cutting action, can be used in either hand, no change in technique required, aids precise measurement of incision
Blade and handle sizes a solution for all clinical situations
Minimal volume ideal for kits, low disposal volume
Colour coded button to identify blade size
Stainless steel blades guaranteed quality and performance
No blade removal device required keeps hands away from vicinity of blade, cost effective
All products are phthalates and latex-free no risk of allergic reactions from patients
CE-marked and FDA-approved guaranteed quality and performance