Safety Protective Shield Scalpel (10)

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Regardless of when scalpel injuries take place- they occur due to a sharp tip scalpel blade. Safety scalpels, currently available on the market, cannot prevent injuries during use or when exposed because these scalpels are loaded with a sharp tipped blade. Scalpel blades are more likely than needles to cause deep or otherwise severe injuries due to their sharp tips.


Round tip scalpel blades are recommended as a solution for reducing percutaneous injuries by the the CDC, AORN and EPINET of the University of Virginia’s International Healthcare Worker Safety Center.


In a recent study nearly 69.8% of the scalpel injuries occurred during use.

Pack size: 10

1 – Available in two blade specifications:
• DiamantineTM SAFhandleTM coated edge high performance blades.
• SAFhandleTM safety blades.
2 – Top- activated button that is ergonomic.
3 – Intuitive Design- the user immediately “knows” how to use the product, increasing user confidence and safety.
4 – Single handed operation.
5 – Two Detent Position – Use and Pass.
6 – Full range of blade and handle sizes.
7 – Color coded button to identify blade size.
8 – Swedish high quality stainless steel.
9 – Graduated handle
10 – Phthalates and Latex free.