SAFHandle Safety Scalpel Blade Stainless Steel (100)

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Regardless of when scalpel injuries take place- they occur due to a sharp tip scalpel blade. Safety scalpels, currently available on the market, cannot prevent injuries during use or when exposed because these scalpels are loaded with a sharp-tipped blade.

The CDC, AORN and EPINET recommend round tip scalpel blades as a solution for preventing sharps injuries. The SAFhandleTM safety scalpel blades have a round tip to prevent sharp injuries when the scalpel is in use or exposed.

Scalpel blades are more likely than needles to cause deep injuries due to their sharp tips.

1 – Round tip blade- Protection when scalpels are in use or exposed.
2 – Passive SED- No safety feature to activate.
3 – Will fit any conventional scalpel handle.
4 – No change in aseptic technique.
5 – No increase in volume of sharps waste and in inventory space.
6 – No change in sharps disposal containers and counting trays.
7 – Also available with DiamantineTM coated edge with enhanced initial sharpness, strength and sharpness retention.
8 – Provides an easy and cost effective way to comply with OSHA, CDC, ACS, AORN requirements.