SentraCan Non Ported, Winged Safety IV Cannula (50)

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The SentraCan Safety non-ported winged cannula provides a high quality alternative to users that do not want a ported cannula. The double lipped grip plate and large fixed wings allow users to maintain grip on the device during use and achieve secure fixation of cannula after insertion. With a full range of needles from 14g – 26g, this cannula can be used for the full range of patient types.

The SentraCan Safety IV Cannula can be used to perform all general IV cannulation procedures following all local trust policies. On withdrawing the needle smoothly from the catheter following initial venepuncture, a plastic safety clip will clip shut over the tip of the needle, protecting the user and other healthcare workers from the risk of needlestick injuries. Although the needle is now deemed “safe”, it should still be treated as a risk and therefore disposed of immediately following the trust guidelines for sharps disposal.

Feature Benefit
Innovative and intuitive self-activating safety mechanism – prevents needlestick injuries
– prevents blood splatter
– requires little or no training
Innovative ADVA Needle Technology and Thin-Wall Needle Technology
*on gauges 18G – 24G
– rapid primary flashback in catheter
– enhanced secondary flashback in flashback chamber
– immediate confirmation of venous access
Available in all gauges from 14G to 26G a solution for all clinical situations, additional solution for neonates
International colour-coding alignment to market standards, no impact on working practice
Double tapered, Radiopaque PUR catheters smoother introduction into vein, can be detected in an x-ray or fluoroscopic image, kink-resistant, improved biocompatibility
Extremely sharp triple faceted stainless steel needles reduced incidence of phlebitis, improved patient comfort
Double-lipped grip plate added control and security
Flip-Top Port easier to use, secure closure
Flexible Wings added control during handling, facilitates secure dressing of cannula
Back-end with luer lock attachment compatibility with any extension, attachment or syringe on the market
Removable white cap and hydrophobic filter prevention of leakage during cannulation
Clear flashback chamber immediate confirmation of venepuncture
All products are latex-free no risk of allergic reactions from
CE-marked guaranteed quality and performance